Services Offered at Silent Outdoors of Sparta, WI

Stop in and see our talented archery technicians for all your bow repair and technical services. Our Archery Pro Shop technicians can professionally help you make the perfect choice to fit YOU, then set the bow up with years of experience to insure customer satisfaction. With our state-of-the-art equipment, Silent Outdoors can handle any archery-related task. Your new bow will be professionally sized to fit your body, accessories installed, and tuned for maximum accuracy. Not sure what you need or may be interested in? Don’t panic! We have demo’s for you to try as well. If you do not see a particular service listed below, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us to find out more information. We EXPERTLY install all accessories. We pride ourselves on the fact that you are going to have the best possible equipment, set up by experienced professionals with quality precision equipment to provide you with best possible service. There are not any bows or crossbows that Silent Outdoors is not experienced in setting up or servicing. Our friendly staff is here to help you, not just make a sale. We are committed to educating you with any questions you may have and we want you to share your experiences with us. Stop in and see us. We’re open late and even on weekends!

Archery Equipment Assistance

Andy2• Excellent advice and help in selecting the right bow, which includes custom fitting
the bow just right for you.
• Great help in selecting the best accessories to go with your bow and installing them
• Experienced professionals to help you select the right equipment for all of your needs (including arrows, broadheads, sites, quivers, rests and more).
• Expert set up and maintenance on all makes and models of bows and accessories.

Additional Services

• Full time archery technicians on staff              • Arrow refletching
• Installation of all types of rests                       • Changing of draw length/poundage to fit individual needs
• Re-stringing bows                                          • Expert Tuning
• Timing of bows                                              • Custom strings, arrows, wraps and fletching
• and Many More Great Services waiting for you.

bows1Consignment / Used Bow Sales

Want a New Bow, but have an old bow to sell? We do offer a Consignment Program. Call us for Specifics, Details, & Requirements. Please note that Silent Outdoors does not purchase used bows, or take them in on trade, in order to insure you get more dollars to you on your quality used bow.

Chronograph and Paper Tuning

Correct Arrow Flight is Key to Accuracy. It should come as no surprise that the push for greater arrow speed continues to grow. Although the bow manufacturers are trying to answer that request, it is often difficult to know what speed your bow is going with the arrows you’re using. Silent Outdoors has its own chronograph so that our customers can test the speed of their bow and be able to get the top performance from their equipment. Shooting through paper has proven effective to show you how the arrow is flying. Our chronograph tells you the speed of your archery equipment. These tools help to insure proper set up for your bow.

Drawboard / Draw Machine Tuning

We have a drawboard / draw machine for setting the timing on bows. This is very important. It is important that that your proshop offers this service. Supertuning is automatic for us. This is the standard procedure for us, not some additional feature. We call this SO-Tuning (Silent Outdoors Tuning). We believe it takes time to make sure your bow is right.


The staff at Silent Outdoors recognizes the value of good competition, so they hold winter and summer shooting leagues. Fun for the whole family, you can choose from the hunter’s league, co-ed league, youth league, 5-spot,and woman’s league. You do not have to be a local pro in order to participate, the leagues are classed in order to give all of our customers an opportunity to compete head to head. Winter leagues typically start after the first of the year. League teams will be able to check their scores online, and even view our Gallery for Top Scorers. League meeting times vary but check our site to see when they start. It’s your league, so you have input on on the way you would like it set up for your particular group. Sign up online or at the shop.

Do you have children? youthshootbow

They are more than welcome to join in on the fun as well! As archery becomes more of a family activity, we try to accommodate our junior shooters with a youth league. We have targets on wheels, so they can be moved to any distance for all participants on any of the indoor shooting ranges.

Our range fees for indoor and outdoor ranges are currently $10.00 per day. If you are interested in participating in our local archery leagues, or just practicing on one of our indoor or outdoor ranges, please call or email us for more information!

Gift Certificates and Layaway

We understand how difficult it is to find the perfect gift for that special someone, and it seems that this process is even more difficult when it involves specialty or sport related items. With Silent Outdoors, there is no need to worry. If your special someone is an archery enthusiast or just trying to get started in the compound bow arena, Silent Outdoors Archery Pro Shop has tried to make things easier on you and your checkbook. We now have gift cards available as well as layaway opportunities. Just ask our staff for more details.

Silent Outdoors Archery Pro Shop of Sparta, Wisconsin is truly a One Stop Shop. We have a wide range of quality services as well as several award winning bows, sights, rests, quivers, arrows, and other professional archery supplies—and it just keeps getting bigger!