Our indoor range is a place for new and experienced archers to meet in a friendly environment and shoot year-round to become the most proficient shot. Best of all, the Silent Outdoors Pro Shop is fully staffed with experienced bow techs to help sight in your bows and with any other problems, and the lanes are heated and air-conditioned!


Experience the year round enjoyment of practicing your techniques and skills on the outdoor archery range at Silent Outdoors of Sparta, Wisconsin. With 20 to 60 yard targets, you will find our outdoor archery range provides an opportunity to learn a new skill or develop your current skills in a beautiful forest setting.
This outdoor archery site offers a superb range of archery and crossbow options for a fun traditional sport you’re sure to enjoy.


3D Archery is a form of target archery, a fun, exciting and affordable sport the whole family can enjoy together.  It gets is name from the 3-dimensional foam targets that the archers shoot at. 
3D Archery can be used by anyone at any skill level. 3D Archery can be set in the woods, fields and sometime even at indoor ranges.With 28 target shooting locations set up at different unmarked distances located in a wooded setting, our 3D target range puts you right into realistic scenarios and natural obstacles to simulate all the challenges of a hunting experience.  3D Archery has many classes for different skill levels and equipment. Even beginners and children can have a lot of fun in this sport. The archery equipment you use, is the deciding factor on how far away your targets will be.